Bringing Independent Practitioners together & with the people who need them.

We are here to empower families, to be a guide when needed and to provide full services to those who want it.



If you are a person who serves people at the end of life independently, you are welcome to join us if you meet a few simple requirements.

If you are a person who is looking for help and are not exactly sure what you need, look through our listing and see if we may have someone to help you. Also look through our resources.


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A Very Special Note

I would like to bring awareness and recognition to the emerging profession of the end of life doula and midwife.
Below are some of the titles you may hear to describe them:

death doula          thanadoula           death midwife         doula for the dying       companion for the dying         advocate for the dying         comfort coach      transition guide       soul midwife          end of life doula         deathing guide         end of life guide       midwife for the soul     death guide     amicus

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