Bringing Independent Practitioners together & with the people who need them.

We are here to empower families, to be a guide when needed and to provide full services to those who want it.



Independent Practitioners in Private Practice

We welcome you to join our community. The End of Life Professionals Collective is a place where independent practitioners who serve people at the end of life may join with other like minded professionals and volunteers.

There is strength in numbers and we are a growing segment around the world. By joining our group, you will not be alone any longer, hoping to be found by others in the field and by consumers.

You are on a trailblazing path by the very nature of your independent practice and ELPC will support you in every way possible to become seen by your peers and by those who need you.

Join Us Today!

Be found by other professionals who need collaboration in serving a family or who need to refer to another practitioner in another part of the country or the world. We are extremely hard to find sometimes! If you do not have an extensive marketing budget and/or savvy, you are probably not even known in your own city.

Join Us and we will bring you into visibility, provide web-space for you to be known, an opportunity for you to blog in another public space with quality content to establish your leadership in the field and an opportunity to network with like-minded souls.


We welcome you here! The registery is a listing of practitioners who serve people at the end of life in various capacities.

Most people in the directory are professionals, meaning they are stating they are expert in their respective fields and they charge for their services. There is a section for volunteers as well.

There are many types of disciplines represented here. Social Workers, Chaplains, Bereavement Counselors, End of Life Doulas and Midwives, Home Funeral Guides, End of Life Veterinarians and many, many more.

This is not a vetting agency. Please visit and read our “About” section which includes “Our Intentions” and also the “Become a Member” under “The Registry” section to see what members must agree to to sign up.

ELPC is not responsible for anyone’s credentials; you must interview each person before you have them help you. However, please notify ELPC if you are unhappy with the services of anyone listed here. We do keep track and will remove any member who is inappropriate.

This list will continue to grow as people find us so check in with us frequently.

Please help others and let them know of ELPC, so they may have the chance to get their needs met. Thank you!!


A Very Special Note

I would like to bring awareness and recognition to the emerging profession of the end of life doula and midwife.
Below are some of the titles you may hear to describe them:

death doula          thanadoula           death midwife         doula for the dying       companion for the dying         advocate for the dying         comfort coach      transition guide       soul midwife          end of life doula         deathing guide         end of life guide       midwife for the soul     death guide