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To Consumers

In order for an end of life practitioner to be listed in our directory, they must agree they will serve in accordance with ELPC values. Although we are not able to guarantee the services of any provider you hire, they have agreed and signed a statement that they hold the following values highly. We want to know of your experiences with our practitioners, as we take our role as a source of connection very seriously. Whatever your experiences, we would love to know!

ELPC Values

Service. We believe in excellent customer service and a person going the extra mile. We should arrive on time, be professional, operate our business with integrity and be transparent in pricing and services offered.

Respect. We believe each person should be treated with dignity. We believe the person we serve has the final say in what they want and need. We believe we are here to assist and not lead with our own wishes.

Companionship. We are here to be companions on your journey. We are not here to tell you what to do but to listen, provide guidance when asked and assist as directed.

Integrity. We are transparent in our pricing and services. We have no ulterior motives in providing our care.

Guidance. We will serve you based on your values and take a leadership role when asked, based on your wishes.

Honor. We are honorable in all our undertakings. We are clear and consistent. You know what to expect from us.

Compassion. We are loving and acknowledge the hardship we may be witnessing as something the person is able to handle. We do not pity.

Going the extra mile. We give more than we are asked whenever we can.

Collaboration. If there is something a person needs that we are unable to do safely or with knowledge, we help find a person who can.

Excellence. We believe that we should be held accountable to a higher standard than ‘average.’ At a sensitive time such as end of life, a person deserves top of the line support.


Practitioners, if you agree with ELPC Values, please continue on to register with our Directory so that people may find you in your community and other practitioners may refer to you and collaborate with you in caring for a client.

REGISTER FOR ELPC DIRECTORY HERE if you are an end of life practitioner who agrees with our values above.


Search for a practitioner in your area here if you are a person wanting end of life care, support and guidance.