User and Listing Instructions

If you are an End of Life Practitioner in any capacity, please join our Directory

(if you agree with our Values-see here).

To create a listing, you must first create an account. Follow the directions below. 


To Create an Account or Log In

Step One. To Create an Account or Log in to Your Account, go to “My Account” on the Menu Bar, then click “Register”

Step Two: Register or Log In

To Create a Listing

Step One: You are in your account. Go to “Create a Listing,” click “Directory in the Menu Bar, then click “Add Listing”

Step Two: You will land on the listing form. Fill out the form.

Put your first and last name under Practitioner Title. You want people to be able to find you. Don’t put your business name.

Step Three: Continue Filling out Listing Form.

Step Four: Continue Filling Out Listing Form. If the program says your picture is too large. You must do what they call “optimize” the picture. You can do that here on this free website: if you do not have another program to use. (ELPC is not affiliated with this website. We are not responsible for anything that you run into over there. It is simply a helpful tip to be able to get your picture up. Please do your due diligence for your online safety. I have used this site for years and have never had a problem.)

Step Five:  Finish up. Make sure you have filled out all the required fields. Make sure you do the robot check (yes we know its irritating, but it keeps us all safe). Make sure you agree with the terms of ELPC which includes our Values you must agree with to be listed, then press “Review Your Listing”

Step Six: Click on “Confirm Preview and Go to Checkout”

Step Seven: You are done when you click “Proceed to Paypal”

To Edit A Listing

Step One: Go to your Account Page

Step Two: Click Edit

Step Three: Make Your Edits