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Hello and Welcome to ELPC!

Our mission:

The mission of ELPC is to connect a person who needs end of life care and support with a person who is skilled and available to give this support and guidance. Our secondary mission is to create community, collaborate, network, share information and refer to each other to best serve our communities.


What ELPC is NOT:

ELPC is not a referral site or a regulating or credentialing agency, or a simple directory site created by some corporation with no personal vested interest in how this grows or how people are served.



The End of Life Practitioners Collective (ELPC) IS a gathering of individuals skilled and available to provide specialized services. Some of us are focused in one area of end of life and some of us blend a few areas together.  For example, some of us work with the dying and also guide in home funerals. Some of us only work with a person and their family who is imminently dying (vigil) and provide bereavement follow up. Some practitioners only offer advance directives or family funeral planning. Some of us work with people who may be at the end of life stage with their illness for months or years. Some of us do all of it.


You may read and hear us referred to in a variety of ways: end of life doulas, death doulas, end of life midwives, death midwife, death coach, end of life coach, transition guide, transition coach, end of life specialists, thanatologists, thanadoula,  soul midwife, soul doula, soul guide, amicus, doula quietus, among many other names. There are also ceremonialists, end of life veterinarians, therapists, nurses and case managers devoted to this time period. Because of this reason, that there is no consistency yet in how we refer to ourselves, we are referring to all who provide support to others at the end of life as “End of Life Practitioners.”


Because the people listed in this directory are pioneering in this movement of end of life support, we know that most of them will be knowledgeable about end of life services in their city. When you contact them, please ask them for references of providers of other services you may need that are sensitive to the end of life time period.

Our Vision.

Our vision is a world where people feel comfortable and capable to care for their own dying and dead in the most respectful and sacred way possible and are able to find help if they need it.

Until our vision is happening, there is a place for us to help guide others into this comfort and confidence in caring for our own family members at the end of life. Our founder, Deanna Cochran, believes that there will come a time when doulas and midwives and guides and other end of life practitioners will not be needed for the most part because this knowledge will be within each family again (as it used to be prior to all our medical marvels). It just got displaced over the last 75 years of innovations.


Our Values:








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