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If your picture is too big: use a program like “Image Optimizer” to make it the right size. If your picture is fuzzy it is because it is too small. Please find another that is clear. If you leave your picture frame blank, we will insert the ELPC logo there as a place holder until you find one you like. You can always put a nature picture or something else pleasant, but consumers need to see you and begin to get to know you, so it’s best to have a picture of your face there.


  1. As soon as we have our first 100 Practitioners listed, we will begin to promote the websiteheavily. We would like our families to have more than a few people from which to choose.
  2. Make sure you are in our Members Only discussion group on facebook. Go here and ask to join:
  3. You may become a member of ELPC by listing in our Directory ($10/year) or becoming an ELPC supporter ($10/year). To create a listing in our Directory, go to the “Add a Listing” menu item and begin that process. There are instructions to create a listing and further down the page there are instructions to edit your listing. If you want to be an ELPC Supporter only, please click on this link: to pay your $10 and you may also join the Members Only group above. Once you have paid, go the group and ask to join.


You may list an event in the Members Only group once you have purchased an event listing ($10 for 90 days). Once you have created an event listing (with picture is best), go to our Members Only group and post the link. You may not post an event in our Members Only group without creating an event.