Adding a Listing

In line with our mission to connect a person who needs end of life care and support with a person who is skilled and available to give this support and guidance. We are encouraging all End of Life Practitioners, in any capacity, to join our Directory to take part in creating a community that provides a platform for collaboration and network-building.


To learn more about  End of Life Practitioners Collective, read about THE ELPC Values.

Instructions on How to Add a Listing

  • Step 1 : You need to Sign-In using your ELPC account. If you do not have an account yet, please see Creating an Account.
  • Step 2 :  Once signed-in, on the MENU BAR, Click on ADD LISTING.
  • Step 3 : On the ADD LISTING Page, Select the Listing Package you want to create. The Regular Listing Package at $10.00 will give you 365 listing days while The Featured Listing Package at $50.00 is good for 90 days and will allow your listing to be viewed as part of the Featured Listings and will have more provisions than the regular listing.*there is an available upgrade to featured listing once you have availed of the regular listing in case you wish  your listing to be featured.
  • Step 4: After selecting a listing package, you need to provide the listing details. The first field requires you to provide your Practitioner Title*, we recommend that you put your first and last name under this section since we want people to be able to find you more easily.
    * please complete all the required fields before you proceed the the next step. A complete listing will have better chances of visibility when reached by other users.

    * If the program says your picture is too large. You must “optimize” the picture. You can do that here on this free website: if you do not have another program to use. (ELPC is not affiliated with this website. We are not responsible for anything that you run into over there. It is simply a helpful tip to be able to get your picture up. Please do your due diligence for your online safety.)
  • Step 5: When you have completed uploading your images,  Make sure you read and agree with the terms of ELPC to be listed, then press “Review Your Listing”
    * If a ReCaptcha shows up, please check I am not a Robot before you click review your listing. (yes we know its irritating, but it keeps us all safe).
  • Step 6 : On the Listing Preview, you can review your listing details and click on “Confirm Preview and Go To Checkout” to confirm listing and choose payment options.
  • Step 7 : Complete Checkout by providing your information and then pay through Paypal.*If you have questions and concerns regarding your listing, please send us an email through our membership director at